Enter the Haven

The Who and the Why

Hi!  My name is Stacy, and I’m thrilled to be sharing with you.  I am a former high school English teacher and writing tutor.  More importantly, I am the wife of a wonderful man who, for the purposes of this blog, shall be referred to as Sweetheart.  I’m also mom to three amazing offspring, whom I shall call Fairy Princess, Beau, and Muffin.  Our other family member is a very mixed-breed dog name Pippin.  That’s his real name.

I’ve been thinking about what this blog’s focus should be.  I went around in planning circles until I overwhelmed myself and felt like I’d lost my sense of purpose, but then God brought me back to the original burden –speaking out of my own pain and His mercy to other families in crisis.  We may touch on other things from time to time, but it will all point back to this theme.

It seems that far too often in the church, we feel the need to smile and pretend that our lives are peachy when in fact we or our families are in a state of crisis and could really use unconditional love, understanding, and help from our brothers and sisters.   Why don’t we feel comfortable being real with those who are best equipped to love us as we are, to pour the balm of God’s mercy on our raw souls?

My family has been in a crisis of one type or another for the last several years, and we have consistently been carried, held, and cared for by our Heavenly Father.  When our church family has been aware of the battles we were fighting, they have upheld us and ministered to us in beautiful ways.  They have truly been the hands and feet of Jesus, washing our wounds and walking beside us through the pain and struggle.

So the purpose of this blog is to reach out to other families in crisis.  Whether your struggle is with addiction, physical infirmities, mental health issues, financial deficiencies, eating disorders, prodigal children, or anything else, God loves you, He sees you, He has a good plan for you and your family, and you can trust Him.  Sometimes the pain is excruciating, and sometimes the way is exhausting, but He offers us a haven to rest, to be strengthened, and to be cared for.

Enter the haven with me, and let us take refuge in His great love.